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Connect with Australia Migration Services (CAMS) makes migrating to Australia easy. With offices in Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide, we provide our Clients with the highest quality low-priced expert migration services. If you or someone you know is looking to migrate to Australia for whatever reason, whether it is for work, as a visitor, for a relationship partner or as a refugee, we can make it happen fast.

We understand the need for urgency in migration matters and work hard to ensure our Clients successfully migrate to Australia without any unnecessary delays. We ensure each Client is fully satisfied with the services we provide, with a high level of attention to detail placed on our services.

From the start, we provide our Clients with a comprehensive assessment of their migration matters and an explanation of all the steps that need to be taken in a given migration process in an easy to understand no obligation consultation. We then carry out all the necessary steps in order to successfully allow our Clients to migrate to Australia without unnecessary delays. We prepare and lodge Visa applications and related documents for our Clients to the highest standard of quality.

Throughout every stage of the process, we keep our Clients informed of the progress of their matter so they can rest assured it is being dealt with efficiently by our Migration Experts.

We also assist our Clients in transitioning to Australia by guiding them in all aspects of life to do with migrating, such as help in finding a place to live, study or work in Australia. Taking this holistic approach to providing Migration services, we can act as both your Migration representative as well as your guide and assistant to successfully migrate to Australia.

Established since 2007, we are experts in Migration matters who pride ourselves on our integrity, attention to detail and the urgency with which we deal with every Client. We have extensive experience in the many types of Visa services tailored towards all types of situations including:
– Employment Visas
– Partner Visas
– Family/Parent Visas
– Protection Visas
– Business Visas
– Student Visas
– Skilled Visas
– Tourist Visas
– Temporary Residence and Permanent Residency Visas
– Visa refusal appeals to either the Migration Review Tribunal (MRT) or Refugee Review Tribunal


We provide migration services all over  AustraliaVictoria, Melbourne, Sydney, New South Wales, South Australia, Queensland, Perth, Tasmania

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